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August On The Farm

August felt so very long this year. The heat sapped everything, and what time there was went to watering the beds. At least the heat and long days went into good production. As our first summer as Lahar Valley Farm winds down, I have a lot to be thankful for, and appreciative of all our customers who helped it happen!

We had a great time at the Goat and Garlic Festival in August, it was a great way to get our farm out to new people. If you didn’t make it this year, plan for it next year!

5 tents to the right!

One thing we worked on this past month was boxes for our customers. Give us a price point and we can fill it was our motto this summer.

It varied by the week.

It also showed me that the concept behind a CSA box is something I could get into. And that our customers are receptive to it.

Berkley Tye-Dye.

Devil Tomato!

Why eat just red, when you can have the rainbow?

I was sad to see the beans end for the season. Some of the best I have grown.

A few painted rocks from the farm for hiding.

Then a surprise, in its 4th year, the hardy olive tree put on a ton of olives. It’s a slow-growing tree, but has grown steadily.

Delicata Squash.

Flowers blooming on Citronella.

Feverfew in bloom.

Marshmallow flowers.

As August ended, and September starts, the fall Scarlett Runner Beans are taking off.

It was a good month for the garden, even if I had little desire to be out there in the sun!

PS: We will be at the 3rd Annual Community Harvest Festival on September 30th!


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