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The End of The Season & Changes Coming

In a year of weird weather…this afternoon summed it up pretty well:

Thick, heavy hail on September 18th.

We spent last weekend, in the last hot days, getting ready for Fall, as quickly as we could. We watch the weather carefully, and seeing the temperatures dipping under 60* for the week, with solid rain, it told me that we needed to be ready.

The field tomatoes were stripped of all ripe and nearly ripe fruit.

It seriously goes too fast. You just get used to having too many tomatoes. And then it’s done.

Our last harvest, an hour before the rains came.

With the summer crops done and pulled, we have started the opening up of the large in-ground beds. Some of this was farmed this year, some will be new. The dirt pile in the distance is being used as fill for the many rocks removed. Eventually the land under it will be beds as well.

It’s hard work, and literally too much for me to do. Kirk has to run the BCS tractor. As we finally get the ground usable I will be able to, but we are still kicking out dinner plate rocks.

Along the back fence, we have had many raised beds over the years. Some were good, others have been not so great. One issue is the center ones were in full sun, all day nearly. So we have torn them apart, and it will become an in-ground bed. It will produce more produce, and use less water as a bonus.

We are keeping the raised beds on the sides though, as they get shade. These we used the pavers and bricks to make deeper. It will help them use less water as well.

If your feet (and hands) are not dirty…you haven’t worked long enough!

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