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Planting Garlic With An Antique Dibble

I was a bit later than some years with getting the garlic crop in, but it worked out well enough. My being slow meant we avoided the heavy rains last week, and it went in after. The weather has been warm this week, and will be mostly nice for the next week, giving it time to get started.

We decided to use the raised beds we put together last month, and it should hopefully work well. It was also time for new soil.

We have two of these beds, so with my oldest son’s help, we layed out lines: rows 1 foot apart (sideways), and each bulb in a row (up and down) 6″ apart.

I did the first bed, decided he could learn since his back is strong 😉

A few years back my Mother In Law sent us an antique dibble, of which I was clueless about. It’s an old school bulb planter, and yes, they are still made – and you should own one if you plant garlic. It seriously sped it up, and made it so you could do it standing up, not on your knees.

Also good for pounding out frustrations on the dirt…hah!

Some of the garlic and shallots:

We planted Basque, Nootka Rose, Inchelium Red, and Chesnock garlic. Grey shallots and another shallot that I harvested from this year, and dried. Some were picked up from Uprising Seeds.

Up next, I will get them mulched. I have a fellow farmer friend who is picking me up hay for it this week, while she picks up animal feed. It can be hard to find hay that hasn’t been sprayed/treated (ugh). I need to also make signs to mark (it is written down in notes how many rows of each), so no issues come next summer.

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