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October On The Farm

October is my lazy month. I do what is needed, but honestly? It’s when I get a needed break from all the work. It takes motivation to go outside on short daylight and rainy days. Thankfully, we had some amazing weather at the end of the month (it even cracked upper 60’s for a week!). Some days I don’t go out at all. Other days, I work once the kids go to school, till time to get them.

Projects included:

Taking marker lines apart (I use redwood logs to mark beds in certain areas). Once screws backed out, and metal plates pulled off, we stack them for the winter. Then the beds were weeded, and cleaned up (wasn’t done yet in the photo!)

We also brought in the citrus trees into the greenhouse, cleaned and tidied up the greenhouse and got it ready for off-season.

The gutters had to be cleaned, filters cleaned and the rain tanks opened up for the coming rains. The first storm cleaned the Coastal Douglas Firs and shook out thousands of pinecones to pick up. The trees sit behind us, on County property.

Alistaire helped me harvest the last of the beans, and tear down the many teepee poles. I still need to clean up that pile, but at least it was a start. The compost bins and yard waste bin was filled heavily with dying plant material.

We got the garlic and shallots in the ground, and mulched it, and everything else as needed.

And most of all, enjoying the leaves turning and falling off. And Halloween to enjoy! November and December will be lazier months outside. It lets me get my planning done, do a lot of writing, create products for upcoming bazaars and simply just restore myself before the busy months come!

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