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December On The Farm

December is the slow month. The truly slowest, don’t want to go out there, month.

In the warm week of December, the garlic decided to poke up and say hello through the hay.

The last of the crabapples hanging on. Do they wait for the birds?

And in December, a lone Shasta Daisy was in bloom. One last push, in a warm, sunny spot of the land.

Inside the greenhouse, I prepped for winter. This year we decided to not heat it, as a good freeze ensures bugs are killed off. I wrapped up all the plants that winter over in frost fabric for the winter, before the coming predicted freezes came. The aloe vera I had to sadly trim its blossoms off of. Ah well!

Our youngest loving being outside in the sun.

The freeze and snow came, happily burying it all.

There is something so magical about snow. Even if I get sick of it within a few hours.

Rosemary buried in the snow.

But most of all? Having a day free, and just enjoying Christmas Day playing in the snow.

Soon enough the work will start again. But till then, it’s been good.

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